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Colin Cantwell, designer of the original Star Wars’ Death Star, X-Wing, TIE Fighter and other Starships, is now using his extraordinary imagination to draw you into the future and into another galaxy through his book CoreFires1.

Deep in the CoreFires, space freighters thread their way through deadly plasma-walled tunnels ferrying supplies critical to the existence of Humankind. Along the passages, occasional Gapper villages act as way-stations to service the passing ships.

Of the cargo, the data Crystals are the most important. Necessary to life in space, they have to be protected at all costs.. Without them Humankind may not be able to survive.

Seeing an opportunity, the power hungry Major Apheron, affiliated himself with dark forces and planned how he could capture the Crystals and ransom them back to the villages that depended on them. 

Within the CoreFires, unable to free himself, a terrified Captain Hollinger watched as hooded men loaded the Colonies’ life-giving Crystals onto the pirate ship and sent his space freighter towards the raging plasma‚Ķ with him still onboard 

On the other side of the CoreFires, Questor Joss of the Rad:Na. ducked as fragments of a freighter came flying through the plasma walls. She sensed that something was terribly wrong. Is it possible this was the beginning of the ancient Owd’s attempt to conquer the worlds.